Merrell Shoes Technology Explained

Published: 19th July 2010
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Merrell Shoes are designed for comfort, moulding perfectly around the feet with lightweight designs to lighten the load when running off-road. The shoes grip to the trail, give excellent support, and keep your feet perfectly dry no matter where you decide to walk. Impressive performance in the toughest terrain is achieved by a wide range of Merrell technology in the shoes, and whilst the names sound impressive they can be a little confusing to the laymen. This article sets out to explain the benefits of Merrell shoes and what each technological advance offers.

Comfort and support

In-Board™ Compression Moulded EVA Foot Frame

The EVA foot frame is present throughout the Merrell shoes range and is a reinforcement element designed to keep the foot perfectly positioned for maximum comfort and shock absorption, and ensuring the upper is not put under unnatural strain from a slipping heel. It offers support to keep the heel locked in place, providing support to ensure the foot can roll efficiently and helping to correctly align the foot for long term comfort.

Merrell Air Cushion®

The Merrell Air Cushion® is the midsole present in all Merrell shoes and is responsible for shock absorption. Running the length of the shoe under the insole, it cushions shockwaves from walking and is soft and supportive under foot. With different designs for men and women, maximum support is given where it is needed most.

Moulded Nylon Arch Shank

The arch shank is a supportive element in the shoes, constructed from ballistic Nylon it sits under the arch of the foot for added protection and support. Moulded to the shape of the foot, over long treks on punishing terrain, it prevents the arches from falling, and adds the extra support required when carrying a heavy pack.

QForm® Comfort midsole

The Womens Merrell range offers a comfort fit specifically tailored for womens' feet. All shoes are constructed from a template, or last, which has been developed from the average shape of a female foot. The function of the midsole is to provide the cushioning when you walk to absorb shockwaves. A QForm® midsole is designed to match the female walking gait to provide exceptional cushioning. Constructed from lightweight EVA foam, comfort is added without increasing the weight of the shoes.

Ortholite® Anatomical Footbed

The Ortholite® footbed is what separates your foot from the midsole, and its function is to provide a comfortable surface for the foot to rest. It adds a more cushioning and is porous to help wick away moisture to keep the feet dry and cool. Treated with anti-microbial agents for a long and healthy life, it is highly durable, lightweight and in most cases, removable and machine washable.


Vibram® Sticky Rubber

Vibram rubber is a world leading brand, offering the best possible mix of stickiness for grip and hardness for durability. Vibram Rubber features throughout the Merrell shoes range, with innovative tread patterns to maximise grip across the full range of surfaces. Designed for speed in the trainer range, shoes such as the Merrell Intercept make your feet to stick to the trail for a sure footing and do not wear down quickly when moving over hard and abrasive terrain.


Merrell-Gore Tex Gasket

Gore-Tex fabric is a multi layer material designed to be impermeable to water whilst being highly breathable to allow moisture and steam to leave the shoes. Gore-Tex consists of millions of microscopic holes which are too small for water molecules to pass through, whilst being large enough for the smaller steam molecules to pass unimpeded. It offers 100% waterproof and wind-proofing to keep the feet comfortable and dry. Merrell use Gore-Tex in the uppers and a bellows tongue to complete the waterproof seal.

The range of technology in Merrell shoes offers protection, comfort and support on all terrain and in all weather conditions. By using only lightweight materials in the construction of the shoes, they offer a considerable weight saving on long hikes and walks, keeping the leg muscles from getting prematurely tired. They are extraordinary shoes for hiking, backpacking, trekking, walking and for pure casual style around town, and their comfort and support is second to none.

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